PAX full of fun!

PAXaus is the premier Gaming convention held in Melbourne every year!

This year, Kye King, one of our members went along!
Here’s what he told us about his weekend at PAX!

Kye King holding toystory keyblade @ PAXaus 2018
Kye King @ PAXaus 2018

Melbourne pax was a blast with demos games everywhere! Kye mostly played tabletop games and also tried a few demos for games he can’t wait to play!

Kye played Ultimate Werewolf (and now understands why Lisa didn’t like it when she played it), He thought it was not bad! Kye then stocked up on ONE NIGHT expansions!

He then saw an interesting new Artificial Reality (AR) 45841847_368464167316040_2498285238023618560_ngame called Ardent! Ardent is a roleplaying system by 89 Friends that uses AR to enhance game play. Kye explained that you use your phone, in a LAN party to look at cards. The cards, when scanned by the phone gives players different things like loot maps and even messages. The app shows your players in game point of view, and the game play is similar to the d&d system. The app can be your adventure log, loot tracker, keep track of your health state and much more!  Ardent is on kickstarter and Kye hopes this Artificial Reality becomes a reality!

During the weekend Kye also played Pathfinder, Starfinder and Fragged empire (yay).

In the pathfinder game, 6 level one players played! Kye was Fumbus the Goblin Alchemist! The cleric in the game was rolling high on his intimidation roles, and Fumbus/Kye tried to be diplomatic but kept failing. Fumbus switched tactics to become deceptive, and it worked well in his favour!

In the Starfinder game, Kye played Navasi the level one outlaw. Another player in the game was also an outlaw, so Kye and the other character role played that they were twins! The game master was surprised when the outlaw’s used grenades against the hordes of undead pirates! The ship they were fighting stood no chance against Navasi/Kye with 38 of the 42 damage was done by him during combat!
It was so much fun!

Fragged Empire-
During the Fragged game, Kye found it funny that they only ended up with one combat! Which was orchestrated near the end of the session just so that the players could try out the combat mechanics! The reason for this was that the medical officer in the game was so diplomatic, that they helped the party avoid conflicts throughout the whole session! Kye thought it was funny, as his character Suzi the brawler,  was designed as a straight up fighter! She was packed with a D6 to punch, where everyone else got D4’s!
It was also awesome to meet people in the Fragged tent!

Kye was so happy to play the kingdom hearts 3 demo. He played it twice! He got to try Toy story and Olympus! It was a blast to play, and OMG he cannot wait for the release!!!

“I took a ton of cosplay pictures. I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to next year!” – Kye King


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