MTGinc. Regular Events!

Join us on the 1st Sunday of every month for
a SUPER SOCIAL event featuring all our hobbies!

Tabletop War Games
Tabletop Roleplaying
Tabletop Trading Card Games
Tabletop Board Games

This event is being held at Anubis Gaming!
110 Campbell St, Swan Hill, VIC

Running from 4pm until Late

No Entry fee!

Please note: This event is for patrons 16 years and older
Guests under 18 must be signed in and out or accompanied by an adult.

An avid War-gamer? Bring your army and battle it out on some of
the best terrain available in country victoria!
Don’t have your own army? No problems, many members have extra/spare armies that are available for people who want to try the games before committing to buy models.

Currently promoted Wargames: 40k, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Kings of war, Kill Team
We have also previously played: Bolt Action, and Konflict 47.

Join the Mallee Wargaming group to enjoy the hobby

Interested in Board games? the perfect casual hobby for guests of any ability!
We have a board game library available for use or bring your favourites!

Into trading Card Games? Some of our regulars will bring along some Yu-gi-oh, pokemon and Magic; The Gathering Decks to use. Bring along your own to battle it out with others in your favourite Trading Card Games!

Members and others are available to help teach all game types!

Join the Board Games group to enjoy the hobby
Join the Trading Card Games + Magic; The Gathering group to enjoy the hobby

Living Achnelia
Come along for our Living Achnelia Campaigns. These games are modules run by one or more DM’s allowing an opportunity for casual role playing. They are Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition games set in the Achnelia setting created by Jye Lambert and Frank Mikes.

What is Achnelia?
The world of Achnelia is in many ways like other high fantasy settings, it is set in a world which vaguely resembles the middle ages of history and the stories which emerged in this era; knights, wizards, dragons, etc but the tone of the game differs in several ways. Medieval world, modern values; the general assumption is that the world has many modern values; gender equality, acceptance of homosexuality, even transgender people exist in this world by way of transmutation spells. While the politics of society are not necessarily ‘democratic’ many countries, leaders and people have a general belief in fairness and equality.

When: First Sunday of the month 6.45pm-10.30
@ TabletopSocialSundays at Anubis Gaming

One-Shot Sunday
One-shot Sunday is a monthly public role-playing event, flexible for you to choose which months you can attend. On One-Shot Sunday we run 1-3 various role-playing tables.

These are usually one-shot sessions; designed to teach you the systems, learn the game, solve problems, and most importantly – HAVE FUN! :). The One Shot can be of any system.
Games we may, have, or will play on One Shot Sunday! :
Fragged Empire (and affiliated titles)
Dungeons and Dragons
Hero System (Champions)
Call of Cthulu
Good Society
and Many Many more!

When: First Sunday of the month 6.45pm-10.30
@ TabletopSocialSundays in the Anubis Gaming

If you would like to run a One Shot of your favourite titles contact the club now!

Join the Mallee Tabletop Role Playing group to enjoy the hobby.

Tabletop Games w/ Echuca Discoveries

Echuca Discoveries are running a Weekly Board Game event open to anyone to go along and play board games. There is support for those with additional needs, the location is accessible and we have provided a board game library for use.

When: Monday 3.30-5.00

Who: Anyone of any age or ability.

Where: Neighbourhood house Swan Hill – 98-100 Gray St, Swan Hill VIC 3585

Cost: $4

Bring along the games you would like to play,
or play the games provided by Echuca Discoveries or MTGinc.

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