Crossroads Convention

Thank you to everyone that supported us in our endeavour to bring a Tabletop Hobby convention to the Mallee in 2019!

Crossroads Convention 2019 –

Swan Hill is perfectly situated for a Tabletop Games Convention, we are centrally located between the major cities; Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. and also centrally located between many Victorian Regional Cities including; Ballarat, Bendigo, Echuca, Mildura and Shepparton. We are at a Crossroads to many centres and have the potential to become one of the largest Tabletop Games conventions in Australia.

2019 was our first year running this convention, and we are very proud of what we were able to provide! Below is a preview of what we offered.

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Board Games

Our main event area is an Open Play Board Games area with a huge game library! Our Sponsors Brainy Zombie Games also had a games library for us to use!


There was  a Canteen available in the main event area, where you can buy snacks and drinks.You can BYO food if desired.

Store Holders

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“Sunraysia family who loves boardgames and it’s our goal to make all the games we love available to other like-minded people.  If there’s a game you’re after that we don’t have in stock, let us know and we can give you a quote and get it in for you.”
– Brainy Zombie Games

They had a store selling their best collection of games, and also had a games library guests could borrow from to play on the day, we were so excited for Swan Hill locals to access such a wonderful collection of games locally!

Wade Dyer for Fragged Empire


“Set in a far future ‘post, post-apocalypse’ universe,
four genetically engineered races seek to build a new society for themselves as they emerge  from the ruin of genocidal war, and back to the stars.”
– Fragged Empire

Wade Dyer was available to discuss his work on Fragged Empire and other Design Ministries projects. Wade also hosted one of our official Role Playing campaigns for the event!


Two Wargames being played at the event (Beyond the Gates of Antares and Bolt Action).


Join either the Axis or the Allies for a two day mini campaign to determine the victor of World War 2. Play a series of 1v1 battles each up to 1,000pts per side.

Check out the  Bolt-action-player-pack for details.


Beyond the Gates of Antares two day campaign weekend. Each table will have a unique mission that contributes to the story. Armies will be up to 1000pts, Depending on mission, using any force selectors available.

Check out the Antares-player-pack for details.

Role Playing Games

We will have a variety of RPGs being played at the event. Spots are limited for these games, so reserve a spot when you book your ticket!

The Ghost Ship Carthage


GM: Wade Dyer (Games Designer)

PG 13+, sci-fi, suspenseful exploration game, 3 hours, 3-5 players.

The Players take on the role of down-on-their-luck salvagers in a ship that barely flies – they need a big payday. When the call goes out to investigate the ancient ghost ship Carthage, most would put sense before greed and stay away from the job. But the Players don’t have the luxury of turning down a job as lucrative as this one.

Mansion of the Raven Lord


GM: Wade Dyer (Games Designer)

MA 18+, gothic horror game, 3 hours, 3-5 players.

Lord Bennison has recently gone mad, killing his family, staff and locking himself inside his illustrious mansion on Raven Hill. A team of city guards were sent in to arrest him, but none have re-emerged. There is a magical build up at the mansion and the PCs must rush to find out what is going on and rescue any surviving servants or city guards.

Qularr Invasion


GM: Jye Lambert

PG 13+, Super Heroes, 3 hours, 3-5 players.

The Qularr alien race has returned to try and conquer Earth, the focal point of their invasion; Millennium City. The Champions are all that stands in the way of this alien race and their evil intent. Take the role of one of the five Champions (Defender, Ironclad, Kinetik, Witchcraft or Sapphire) and defend the city against the alien invaders and their huge monsters.’


Retrieval of the Massal Stone (Pathfinder, Part 1)

GM: Frank Mikes

PG 13+, High Fantasy, 3 hours, 4-6 players.

The adventurers are charged by Lord Crommin, their employer, to find the Massal Stone in the heart of the Fangwood.  They must commence their journey into this dangerous forest, facing its perils and find the stone’s resting place in the Tower of Thall Barak.

The Tower of Thall Barak (Pathfinder, Part 2)

GM: Frank Mikes

PG 13+, High Fantasy, 3 hours, 4-6 players.

After facing many dangers in the forest, the adventurers finally arrive at the Tower of Thall Barak, the artificer that originally forged the Massal Stone.  The locals believe the tower to be cursed and that none have ever returned once inside.  Who knows what the adventurers will find inside?

Return to Lord Crommin  (Pathfinder, Part 3)

GM: Frank Mikes

PG 13+, High Fantasy, 3 hours, 4-6 players.

Finding the Massal Stone hasn’t been as straight forward as the adventurers believed.  Now they must find a way to gain the stone and make their way back to Lord Crommin.  It is imperative that they do, or else all might be lost.

This event was proudly sponsored by.

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