Did you know that in Shepparton, there is an annual board game convention?
Well, we found out this year, so we went along!

Shepparcon was hosted by Goulburn Valley Gamers Guild, a group of enthusiastic members of the local board gaming scene in July 2018! This was the second year of Shepparcon and it was a huge success! Nathan from GVGG invited us to come check it out, but we had already got our tickets!

Our President Jye, Treasurer Lisa and Media officer Rachael went along to get some ideas for our convention, have a weekend away, and of course play games!

While we were there we played some games we played before, but also tried new ones!


On the Saturday night, Shepparcon hosted a Wits and Wagers style trivia competition! Rachael and Lisa joined a group of strangers, who were all game designers, and tried to guess the answers to all the Tabletop themed questions! Low and behold, our team ‘The A-Team’ WON! Rachael and Lisa both received copies of  Guns & Steel 

It was such an awesome weekend, and we can’t wait to host our own Crossroads Convention in April!

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